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A top law firm in Spokane, Northwest Legal Services has an exceptional track record. The law firm handles a variety of cases, including traffic tickets and Second Amendment issues. Whether your goal is to avoid insurance increases or restore your right to bear arms, you can achieve the legal results you desire with help from Northwest Legal Services.

Northwest Legal Services is conveniently located in Spokane, Washington. In addition to serving clients who live and work in Spokane, the law firm also assists clients who reside in Grant, Whitman, Walla Walla, Adams, Stevens, and Pend Oreille Counties. All clients enjoy access to a law firm with an impressive reputation throughout the state of Washington.

Traffic and Firearms Law at Northwest Legal Services

The two main areas of focus at Northwest Legal Services are civil liberties and traffic law. The firm handles a variety of traffic cases, ranging from straightforward to frustratingly complex. These include speeding tickets and a variety of moving and non-moving violations. In nearly all traffic cases handled by Northwest Legal Services, the chief goals are to keep insurance rates to a minimum and to prevent traffic citations from ending up on the client’s record. The firm has achieved many favorable case resolutions, even for seemingly hopeless traffic cases.

In addition to traffic citations, Northwest Legal Services takes on complicated civil liberties cases, the majority of which involve Second Amendment rights. Clients who have lost the right to bear arms due to old convictions can restore their Second Amendment rights with Northwest Legal Services’ help.

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Compassion is a key quality at Northwest Legal Services. The last thing clients want is to be judged for the traffic citations or criminal convictions on their record. Rather, they desire respectful representation from an attorney who truly cares about their well-being. That is exactly what clients receive when they work with Northwest Legal Services, an esteemed law firm known for its compassionate handling of sensitive legal matters.

Don’t worry what your Spokane attorney will think of your criminal or driving record — seek legal support so that you can get your life back on track. You will always feel respected and cared for when you work with Northwest Legal Services. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about the Spokane law firm’s approach and range of legal services.

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