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Spokane Civil Liberties Attorney

Has a past conviction caused you to lose your firearm rights? Are you looking to restore the rights provided to you under the second amendment? Northwest Legal Services is here to help. One mistake in your past, especially when you were young, should not affect the rest of your life. Northwest Legal Services will help you restore your right to bear arms or remove your convictions so you can move forward after your conviction with your civil liberties in place. Give Northwest Legal Services a call today to speak with a Spokane civil liberties attorney about your rights and your case.

Spokane Traffic Infractions Attorney

If you have been charged with a traffic infraction, you may have options that can protect your driving record and reduce the damage of a violation. At Northwest Legal Services our attorneys are ready to provide the legal guidance you need to favorably resolve your case and protect your rights. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation, and see what our experienced Spokane speeding ticket attorney can do for you.

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